Day 2 of DAW8

Zombies dug a heart in the ground outside my base. Is it zombie love? Or just pure frustration since they couldn’t eat me :p

For my 2nd post into DAW8 I have opted to talk about another game that is actually available on PC, PS4, and XBox. The original developers of this game are called “The Fun Pimps” or “TFP” for short. This game has been around since 2013, and even though a lot of people have complained about it still being an early release so many years later, what they fail to see is that these guys haven’t moved it from early testing stages as they are still working on it, and trying to improve things a lot for us to play. Sadly those that play this game on the Consoles have a long wait before they get their updates since TFP doesn’t release updates to them at all. For that it’s all based on release that TellTale Publishing decides. No this isn’t to bash TellTale Publishing, but for some to realize that since 7DTD is released under that publishing company. TFP releases their updates to the PC version, and sends the publisher the update for the consoles, and hence the long waits. So why a lot are over on the 7DTD Forums complaining about the console updates, it’s really out of their hands guys, sorry, but that is how it works. PC gets all the love , and you guys are stuck waiting for updates to come from the publisher, I am pretty sure that isn’t how the TFP had envision it to go, but they aren’t the ones to yell at.

What is 7DTD? Well it’s a survival horror game that has Zombies, Zombie Dogs, toxic stuff, and etc in it. You are a lone survivor in a world where the others that did not make it want to eat you. If you’ve ever seen movies like Night of the Living Dead, Zombieland, Dawn of the Dead, Land of the Dead, etc. then you know what kind of game this is. Also a lot refer it to something like AMC’s The Walking Dead, and The Fear of the Walking Dead. Both TV Shows that I love , but sadly am so far behind this season it’s not funny. We do get developer updates via YouTube by one of the developers named Joel Huenink and on his channel he brings up Q&A, and some early access into the new Alpha that is due to hit out soon. We never ask for a time frame because these guys are always busy working on the game, and they will tell us when it’s being released via their Forums, Steam, etc. These guys are always being picked on ,and even though I know a lot of the gamers that play this game wish the updates would be quicker, again they release them on  a time frame, and want to make sure everything is near to being bug free, even though some bugs do get in, it’s all apart of being a software, game developer. Nothing is truly bug free, if it was, what would we have to complain about right? But I don’t complain about the bugs, they aren’t really game breakers for me, and if they are able to get them to duplicated they issue a fix right away. So I give these guys a lot of appreciation in the week of Developers Appreciation Week, even though I do it even without a reason. Because these guys didn’t have to form The Fun Pimps and try to bring us a game we can play and grow to love. With 7DTD you can even do Multiplayer and PVP on it. Granted you’d have to rent a server, or host a private server on your own PC, but it’s possible to have both Co-op, and PVP on it. The other thing I rarely see developers do is allow others to create game mods and post them on their forums, but these guys do it. They leave the XML files fully editable , and allow us to create things to bring more joy into playing the game. They have their die hard modders that have put out some crazy mods like Starvation Mod, Valmod, and etc. To bring into harder zombies, harder to craft for our survival and all. So again a HUGE thanks to The Fun Pimps for bringing us a game that many have logged countless hours, streamed, done “Let’s Play” videos, and never says “You can’t do that with our game.”

Here are the links if you haven’t checked out 7DTD.

7 Days to Die Website

7DTD on Steam

7DTD Gamepedia

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  • Aywren

    Sharing your love of TFP and 7D2D. The team takes their time in developing patches, but the stuff they do is top-notch! I’ve sunk more time into 7D2D than any other Steam game I own, and that says a lot!

    • Yeah , I really enjoy 7D2D and love the fact they are really hands on with their community as well. Right now though I’m trying out other games, and bring the love for them into the light, hoping to get others at least to take a look at it. It’s fun. and I enjoy doing this now.

  • Armathyx G

    It’s fine to have a game with slow updates, games that get updated everyweek change way too much overtime and make it hard for returning players to get back into them.

    My problem with zombie games has always been the AI. They usually just charge at you and the only difficulty comes from either their sheer number or ridiculous speed/attack stats. I would have liked a zombie game where the zombies are capable of using diverse strategies to kill you.

    • Thats coming in Alpha 16, and you can turn down how many spawn in. Most of the time you can just outrun them, and only hard time to outrun them is on the 7th day then it’s all hell is loose when they run and try to eat your body, not brains, your body. So just think every 7 days , they come out during a full blood moon. Most of the time you can just avoid them, course in Alpha 16, they are suppose to fix the hit blocks so head shots will be a lot better. But still fun to blow off their arms,legs, so forth, and watch’em try to come at you.