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Today’s Developer Appreciation goes to Reversed Interactive who are creators to a little game I was introduced to last year, and sadly I fell out of touch with, not sure why, but just did. But the game I am talking about is known as Tyler: Model 005 I did a post back on this game when I first was introduced to it and it was only on Kickstarter, well since then it has become an early access game on Steam, and you can pick it up here. Tyler: Model 005 I haven’t went and purchased it just yet, but I will be soon enough. When I played the Demo from Kickstarter I just absolutely enjoyed it, and thought it was a cute little game where you get to play a robot, and you have to figure out how to get through the first level, but what I really enjoyed the most was even though they had Intel specs for your computer systems, they didn’t forget to include those of us that have AMD systems as well. Which was really great for me. The game itself also ran great on my older AMD system. I got good frame rates with it, and was just overall in amazement with the stunning graphics, not mention it was cute running around as a tiny robot trying to get all over the place.

Now what is Tyler: Model 005, well in this post it explains what it is. But in-case you don’t want to click the link, I will explain again what Tyler: Model 005 is.

This is an action exploration platformer game with RPG elements in it. It’s set in the 1950’s era, and you are playing as Tyler, the little robot that needs to find out what happened to his creator. So you come out and discover all kinds of things, and why your home is the way it is, and you have to run your way through robot size rats, cockroaches, and more. Pens, Pencils, Coffee mugs can all be weapons for you to use. They left nothing out for you to play with, and use as weapons. So you run around this world trying to find out what happened to your creator, why your home is the way it is, and discover all kinds of clues and what not. Reversed Interactive pulled out no stops when creating this game, and yes it is an early access game, and they even say on their steam store page that this game is no where near complete, but they wanted to release it so they too could grow and develop the game better through out the Tyler: Model 005 community. So Hats off to this development team for creating this little gem of a game and bringing it to us that always wanted to play as a robot, and not an over-sized one, but a miniature one and use pens, pencils as weapons to fight again bugs, rodents, and so forth.

Tyler:Model 005


As you can see Tyler is nothing more than a cute little robot that you can play and enjoy in a fun environment. He will make you laugh, and hats off to the guys at Reversed Interactive for creating this fun little guy, and bring this type of game into our lives. If you’re looking to help them out, and get into the game, remember they are now on Steam and the game itself only cost $14.99 US so it’s not real expensive. Tyler: Model 005 on Steam Here is the place to get it on Steam, and I really hope you guys enjoyed this post.

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  • Armathyx G

    This idea of a robot trying to find out what happened to his master is something I hadn’t heard of before, I’ve seen similar stories like Wall-E, but in that movie he’s not really trying to figure out what happened, he just happens across it. For that price I might actually try this game out, I’ll keep it in mind.

    • When I first played from Kickstarter, it did remind me of Wall-E, and a few others, and I am glad they are on steam now. I just need to purchase it myself.