Day 5 of DAW

On this 5th of Developer Appreciation week I have decided to go a little further back into developers and etc. By that I mean the company SCS Software is 20 years old. They were founded in 1997 and that is a pretty good time in the gaming industry. Their primary focus in the gaming world has mostly been Driving simulation games like American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2 both which can be purchased on Steam as well. This company is over seas in Prague, Czech Republic. I was one of the ones that got into stuff like this early on, and well I have 18 Wheels of Steel: American Long Haul and I thoroughly enjoyed playing that game back then too. I even played it when I didn’t have an internet connection and I still have a physical copy of it today in my gaming library.

This is the screen art for the copy I have in my gaming library that are physical copies I have now. They have done a lot of games over the last twenty years and to many others like myself that love simulator games like this. It’s more of a relaxing time to play games like this. Even though a lot of people love to hate on these games I find them to be very relaxing and pleasing to drive. I sadly don’t have a racing wheel and I don’t think I’ll be getting one anytime soon because of their price. Sorry folks my RL Fiances come first ,and unless I manage to hit the lottery, or find one at a very  good price I can afford. I won’t own a racing wheel. I am very capable of using a controller, and those are a lot more affordable to use at the moment. But my hat goes off to SCS because they are continuously working on both Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator. Even though the community for both games feel like they have hit a stalemate so to speak as content is not being added as fast as they want, but again most don’t understand what it takes to develop a game like this even. These guys are coming from Czech Republic, and taking pictures, and using precision instruments to measure and look at our highways and how each state does vary from each other. Plus they are working hard on other things that people have asked for. They are another one that does allow modders to add things , even though they do say they don’t endorse it, nor do they really approve it, but they can’t really stop it from happening. People are always going to find a way to add new things. May it be maps, new trailers, trucks, skins, and so forth. So yeah give these guys credit, because they are working on things, it just doesn’t happen as fast as everyone has hoped for. Developing games like this do take time, they are working on multiple projects, and so forth. No matter their size, it’s still a team that has to do things together as a unit, and testing, and so forth, to make sure things are going smoothly. We don’t want bad games, we don’t want buggy games, even though as I’ve said in the past, Bugs will happen, just take your time, and write them down, and go and tell them so they can issue a fix.

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  • Armathyx G

    I’ve always wondered what the developers of these simulation games were like. They’ve had a huge amount of success and the first time I saw “farm simulator” I thought it was a troll game, but the truth is these games are such time sinks I can totally understand the addiction…

    • Those are done by different developers, but yeah Simulator games are a relaxing way for me. It’s just a place I can go, do drives, see parts of the country since they pretty much base it on European Countries, and parts of the USA, sadly though with the USA being so big, we dont get much content that is not modded in for us to drive.

  • I own both ETS2 and ATS and agree that they can be incredibly relaxing to play. I was honestly shocked how much I liked the driving sim when I first tried the demo for ETS2.

    I don’t own a racinf wheel either. I just use mouse and keyboard. 🙂

    • I have a PS3 Controller, and it’s no easier with that either, but yeah glad you find it like I do, relaxing and fun to play 🙂