Day 6 DAW

Now these guys, well they truly deserve a lot of appreciation this week, and all time really based on what they have put out for us to play. What many don’t know is that they started out selling CD-Rom in their home country of Poland. They loved playing video games as kids, but in their country it wasn’t always feasible for them to get them some new titles due to their countries ruling at the time. So they were selling games that they had gotten a hold of to others, and thus before founding CD Projekt they were really game retailers in a lesser sense, then they founded their company. They are also the founders of which is a DRM Free digital game site in a sense like Steam, but not steam, even though the keys you get from steam can be activated on as well. They had to start working on a PC version to Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance, but it was cancelled. So they moved onto other projects, and started working with their coding from Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance, and at last it eventually became what we know now as The Witcher. Yes the first game to break the ground and make a name for itself and the company.

Andrzej Sapkowski is the creator to the books The Witcher Saga, and it was there that his books came to life in a version of a video game done by CD Projekt. They used a different engine when they first brought the Witcher series into life. They used the Aurora Engine and then after the game went into a huge success they decided to develop their own game engine called REDengine. It was there it became something more for them. They also were able to port the game to consoles as well as to the PC. So the Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings Enhanced Edition hit Xbox 360 along with the PC version. Then they developed Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is on PC, Xbox One , and PS4.  In 2015 they won an award for Developer of the year. They have even won Game of the year for Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, so they have done extremely well for themselves, and I am happy to say I own all 3 games, just need to get the last two expansions for Wild Hunt, but that will happen in time. So yeah hats off to these developers as well, these guys are doing a great thing in the gaming community.

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  • Armathyx G

    I had heard of this story before and indeed it’s a cool success story, I bought the two first games but never played them, the only reason being I wish I could play a custom character.