Day 7 DAW

This is just going to be a wrap up and a special heartfelt thanks from one gamer to the developers that develop these games we play. From the Big names like BioWare, ArenaNet, are just a few bigger ones that I know of, to the small ones like Coldgames, The Fun Pimps, and everyone else I covered over the last 7 days. There are just way to many developers out there that probably did not get the appreciation they deserve this week, but it’s not because we forgot about them, it’s just the gaming industry keeps growing and growing and we are finding more and more games to play in all genres to play. What I appreciate the most in the gaming developers is that no matter how toxic a fan base may come, they don’t give up on the games we play. The communities are sometimes the most helpful, and sometimes the most toxic at the same time. In the gaming world I have seen a lot of good, and a lot of bad, and yes sometimes the way we think a game should be, or go is different from what the developer or developers says. We all must learn that in grand scheme of things, it really is not easy to develop a game where everyone will find pleasure in it. There will always be a headache in the gaming industry on how things are done, and in there time frames.  Not to mention that people leave jobs in the gaming industry, and move on in their careers as well. We sometimes forget all about stuff like this, and that coding is not easy in any industry. Even software developers need to make sure their coding is working as well. So stop all the bickering in things about how a bug is a ground breaking reason to stop playing a game. Sometimes the bugs get overlooked as being a minor issue even when we see it as a major game breaker, these guys have a deadline to put things out, or just overlook the minor issues in games, web page coding, software coding, it’s always going to have bugs in it, and the best we can do as a community is report it, and hope it can be reproduced so they can issue the fixes that are needed.

So the next time you look at a game, or pick up a game box from a store, stop and take the time to look it over thoroughly and think about the countless hours that went into designing the characters, the backgrounds, the coding that makes it all work. Not to mention the voice actors , and Motion Capture that it takes to incorporate it all into a game to make it run semi-smoothly. So if by chance you do run across a bug report it. Give as much detail as you can about it, and help them reproduce it so they can issue a fix, unless it’s an older game that no longer has support, but if you’re playing a game that is in Alpha stages, help out the developers and report things that you may think is an issue for game play. So even if you develop codes for a webpage, you know how it’s hard to get it right in the same sense. Coding is a hard thing for anyone, and when you mix the graphics, and so forth into an engine to make that game run, there will be headaches and what not. Sometimes outside help is needed to help with the quirks in a game , but none the less the developers love doing what they do, and when we can congratulate them on a job well done, even with the minor bugs and so forth, it gives them a sense of pride for them. So even though DAW2017 is coming to a close. It shouldn’t be just for a week, give thanks to all the wonderful developers out there that make us the games we come to play, and I hope this has also brought into light some games a lot of people have never heard of. Just remember to have fun playing the game, and if you run across a bug, report it. Help them out so they can fix it. And again Thanks for reading, and happy gaming!!

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Just a gamer that enjoys a lot of various kind of games. Like to check out new indie games and get their games out there to be known. Real life and Gaming for me do collide quite often. So enjoy the ride!!
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  • Great post! It really captures the spirit of DAW well. I’m super impressed with all the effort you put into honouring Developer Appreciation Week. It was fun to read all the tributes to all those Indie games out there. Most of them I hadn’t heard of yet! 🙂

    • Oh Wait, there is a surprise post coming out in the morning. I went for the extra day, and forgot one last game, so it got it’s due in there as well. And yeah Indie games need to be talked about just as much as our bigger game developers out there. 🙂

  • Armathyx G

    I would say the game/devs that most interested me in your list was Subsistance/Coldgames. It’s a game that is reminiscent of Minecraft, and that’s very appealing to me because I know just how addictive Minecraft can get the first time you play it. I think I’ll try that game sometime.

    • It is not like Minecraft. It’s a game all on it’s own. At the moment it is you (the survivor), Wild Animals (Wolves and Bears), and AI Hunters and their AI Rouge Hunters as well. You have to learn how to survive, yes it’s a sandbox, yes it’s open world, This game is up there with other indie games like 7D2D (7 Days To Die), H1Z1, etc. But nothing like Minecraft.