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So for me this is something that I enjoy hearing about. The developer of Subsistence has released his latest update, and I couldn’t be happier then to hear about all the goodies he has done for this game. This is still the most impressive game that I play from time to time. I really enjoy the graphics and the sounds he has installed within the game. So upon me getting up at 2am and booting up my PC, then Steam, I sat here reading his latest updates for the game and wow, talk about a developer that has really been listening to his community. So taken from the steam community page I will post what he has done to the game recently. These notes are dated for April 12,2017, but I didn’t get the update until today. So here are the release notes to the patch I have received today.

Wearable Armor:

Since the last few updates, there has been an increasing need for better protection during combat (especially from lucky hunter headshots). Players can now craft the Combat Vest and Combat Helmet, both found in the default crafting menu.

Headshots: Without head protection, headshots do 4x damage. Wearing the helmet brings damage down to 1.5x. So it’s still worth going for headshots when in a fight.

Evolving, Geared-up Hunters:
Hunters can now make use of the new wearable armor. A new system allows hunters to gear-up based on the threat they’re under. Repeatedly attacking a hunter squad will force them to start crafting better armor in defense.

The hope is that players who enjoy waging war on the hunters, will be presented with a tougher fight over-time, whilst peaceful players will face less risk.

The hunters will slowly gear-up regardless of whether they’re being attacked. However to a lesser extent than those taking repeated attacks. The extent and speed at which the hunters will gear-up varies across easy/normal/hardcore modes.

Revamped Clothing Profile:
With the addition of the new wearable clothing items, I’ve reworked the clothing profile to allow extra clothing slots. Clothing items can now be added in any order (rather than specific slots for certain clothing types). They can also be added/removed by shift-clicking in and out.

Camera Movement Physics:

Prior to this update, the camera movement remained entirely static while moving around the geometry of the world, leading to movement physics feeling stiff. Now jumping, landing, crouching, etc, prompts appropriate camera movement, giving a more weighty feeling to character movement. This includes when taking damage. I may further tweak this based on player feedback.

Tweaks to Difficulty Modes:

Easy mode: Animals and hunters now tire quicker when chasing players, allowing for easier escape for players that enjoy a more casual experience.
Hardcore: Hunter bases can now hold up to 4 hunters per base (previously a max of 3). This, along with the new geared-up hunters will present an increasing challenge for survivors who enjoy hardcore mode.

Other fixes/changes:
  • Pressing the currently selected toolbelt item will unequip the item.
  • Added audio feedback for dragging and dropping items within inventories.
  • Fixed bug where hunter squads would stop periodic attacks on player bases if killed en-route to an attack.
  • Cloth can now be crafted using cotton.
  • Updated the default config and mouse sensitivity to better align with standard control schemes. Unfortunately this may reset current controls (which you can change back in the in-game menu, sorry for the inconvenience).
  • Hunter jackets can now be torn into cloth.
  • Added contextual hints of how to butcher animals, for new players.
  • Removed sound indicating when the last hunter in a squad has been killed.
  • Fixed bug where items wouldn’t auto-stack onto the last slot in the refinery.
  • Fixed crash when loading a save game, when base names contained certain special characters (sorry to those who encountered this bug).
  • Many other small updates.

So yeah for this update, it was asked, and he has delivered yet another update that many have been asking for, and have now received it. I may just turn on hunters in my game, just to see what all the new stuff that comes out does. I currently have them turned off in easy mode, so that I could learn the map and how to do things. I don’t record this game play as it’s sometimes a little glitchy on my computer, and maybe in the future I will be able do so.

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